How it works

Upmy selection at payment

During checkout, shoppers choose Upmy as their payment option to get an instant £5 discount on their order.

Membership sign-up

Shoppers choose to become a Upmy member. After a 7-day free trial period, they pay an annual membership fee.

*The screens are subject to evolutions.

1st discount granted

Shoppers complete their payment with any debit or credit card and get their first discount immediately. Once payment is complete, they go back to the store, just as with any payment solution.

Payment flow

Upmy funds 100%
of the discounts we offer to your customers

Our model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, allowing them to receive unlimited Upmy £5 discounts on each order - at no cost to you.

We cover the discounts, and payments are 100% free with no hidden fees. More details here.

Why you’ll love Upmy

Higher conversion

With unlimited £5 upfront discounts, more shoppers complete their orders and fewer abandon their cart at checkout.

Repeat business

When customers know they can pay in 1 click with Upmy and get instant discounts every time, they’ll come back to shop more often.

Bigger carts

Getting a discount on every order means customers are willing to add more to their carts, increasing your average order value.

Zero payment fees

Yes, you read that right. £0 set-up fee, £0 per transaction and 0% on volume.

Secure payment

Because we use Stripe technology, payments are made safe for your customers and you stay protected against fraud.

Easy integration

Getting started with Upmy is easy for all WooCommerce stores. More e-commerce platforms to come soon.

More traffic

Shoppers are actively looking for retailers where they can get instant Upmy discounts, boosting exposure and traffic to our network of partners.

£5 discount on each order

We cover the discounts we give to your customers on each order. It won’t cost you a thing, as our model is based on paid memberships for shoppers.

Why shoppers love Upmy

Instant discounts

Your customers get a £5 discount, courtesy of Upmy, on every order. We’ll automatically adjust their order total at the payment step.

Faster checkout

With Upmy's simplified payment process, shoppers can checkout seamlessly in 1 click.

Secure payment

Stripe-powered technology means credit card details stay safe, always.

Better shopping options

Upmy’s network of retail partners helps customers discover new shops that offer them instant discounts and a seamless payment process.

Effortless integration

Upmy is available through the

platform, and can be integrated directly into your site in a few clicks. No coding required.

Our simple and seamless integration means that Upmy will automatically update, so you’ll always have the latest version of our payment solution to offer your customers.

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